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Welcome bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. To name a few; first deposit, free spins, no deposit promotions, VIP loyalty points or a combination. After you have made your choice, go to the relevant casino and look up the bonus conditions. This is important because these “rules of the game” determine what you can ultimately do with your bonus. For example, can you easily pay out the money you win with the welcome bonus or does the online casino make this virtually impossible.

An important factor in releasing the bonus is the “wagering requirement”. This is the number of times you have to wager the bonus before you can cash out the winnings. also important is the time the casino gives you to clear the bonus

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When you have selected the correct welcome bonus, you will register at the casino of your choice. This is not complicated. You go to the registration page and fill in required information. In most cases you will then receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. In most cases you have to deposit money to activate your welcome bonus.

Best Welcome Bonuses

When you enter a casino, you know that a casino will do everything to make you happy. Casinos often offer their guests free drinks and there are numerous packages that you can use. Regular customers often even enjoy a complete VIP treatment including transport to the casino or an overnight stay in a hotel suite located above the casino. All this to make the customer happy and to ensure that the customer will visit the relevant casino more often.

But what you will almost never experience in a real casino is that you simply receive free play credit when you buy chips. This is the case at many online casinos, because they often offer new customers a so-called welcome bonus. On this page we explain exactly what a welcome casino bonus is and how you qualify for it.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Free play credit, that sounds almost too good to be true, but it isn’t! When the internet started to grow in the nineties, the game industry quickly realized that the internet would become “the next big thing”. Nowadays, the online casino industry has grown into a global sector in which thousands of companies operate. The amount of online casinos is practically countless and new ones are added daily.

For these internet casinos it is important to constantly bring in new customers. They do this by offering an extensive range of games, progressive jackpots and numerous payment options, but also by giving away interesting bonuses. A first good impression is always very important to a customer when it comes to choosing an online casino. And what better first impression than a nice present? That is why many online casinos offer so-called welcome bonuses to new customers.

How Does a Welcome Bonus Work?

A welcome bonus is a one-time casino bonus that you receive when you first sign up at an online casino. It is therefore important to register a game account to be eligible for this bonus. A welcome bonus usually consists of a percentage of the first deposit you make to your game account and some free spins on a nice slot machine. So if a casino offers a welcome bonus of 40%, you will receive 40% of the amount deposited by you as a supplement.

Of course you cannot have such a bonus paid out immediately, otherwise it would be very easy to quickly earn some extra money at a casino. You usually receive the bonus when you know how to clear it. You do this by wager the bonus a certain number of times. We call this “wagering”. The number of times you have to use your bonus to clear it differs per casino (and can therefore have it paid out). Each online casino has described the rules regarding the welcome bonus in their bonus conditions. Read these before you start.

If anything is unclear, we advise you to first contact the customer service of the relevant online casino. If they also cannot provide you with clarity about your questions about their welcome bonus, we do not recommend playing in that casino.

Free Welcome Bonus

Above, we talked about the so-called “deposit bonus“. This means that you must first deposit money yourself before you receive the bonus. However, there are also “no deposit bonuses“. With this type of welcome bonus you do not have to deposit money yourself to receive the bonus. This often concerns small bonuses such as 10 free spins on an online slot machine or a few euros in play money. However, the advantage of this type of welcome bonus is clear: you cannot lose. The no deposit bonus is an ideal way to give an online casino a try. And if after a while you decide to deposit money yourself, you can also count on an extra deposit bonus in almost all cases. So double the fun.

Why Do Casinos Give Out Bonuses?

The reason casinos give away bonuses is simple. It’s a way of marketing. Through the casino bonuses they entice visitors to register an account and to allow registered players to make a deposit. So there are costs involved for the casinos, but in the long run these welcome bonuses have proven to be well worth the investment.

Of course, there are also conditions attached to the welcome bonuses. It is not possible to pay out money before you have met these conditions. For example, you often have to bet the bonus money a certain number of times before it is really yours and you can deposit it in your bank account. These bonus conditions differ per online casino. So we can’t really tell you more about it here. For the exact terms and conditions of a casino bonus, we always recommend that players consult the casino’s website. And if you can’t figure it out, you can always approach customer service.

More Online Casino Bonuses

On our website you can only find a limited range of online casino bonuses, free spins and cashback bonus offers. The explanation for this is simple. There are so many online casinos that we choose to only place a number of popular and well-known online casino bonuses on our site. However, you can always search on Google for more casino bonuses.

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