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The cashback bonus is a bonus variant that is slightly different from the online casino bonuses that you are used to. Usually in an online casino you get a bonus with your first deposit. The amount deposited by you will then be doubled or even tripled by the online casino. A cashback bonus works differently. You will get a part of your money back after you have played. That is, if you lost.

There are a small number of online casinos where you get such a casino cashback bonus. Some online casinos, for example, gives you 10% up to a maximum of $/€ 4,000 on your lost deposits in the first week. Selected casinos online always gives you a cashback of 10% after every deposit. This casino cashback bonus is not always unlimited.

Benefits of a Casino Cashback Bonus

The casino cashback bonus is also jokingly referred to as the “losers bonus”. After all, you only get this cashback if you lose. The moment you win, you will not receive a bonus. The online casino simply looks at the amount deposited and your account balance. If you have deposited more than you still have in your account, then there is a loss. A percentage of this amount will then be refunded to your account.

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The big difference is that this bonus is a cashback instead of a deposit or welcome bonus. There are no bonus conditions for a cashback. So you can decide for yourself what you are doing with this cashback. This provides a number of very big advantages:

  • You can have the 10% cashback paid out immediately, without having to play it around 20, 25, 30 or 50 times first.
  • If you decide to continue playing with the 10% cashback, you can bet it on all games in the online casino. So you can play with it on online slots, but also in the live casino. The online casino bonuses that you get with your deposit usually have the limitation that you are not allowed to play live casino games. The casino cashback bonus has no restrictions on the games you can play.
  • You may also know how to play with the casino cashback bonus yourself. There are no betting limits. With casino bonus money that you receive with your deposit, there is often a maximum bet of a few euros. That is not the case with casino cashback. So you can also play with higher stakes with your casino cashback.

What is a Cashback Bonus? As mentioned, the name of the cashback bonus already indicates that you can get a series of money back, but on what basis actually? A cashback bonus is usually used at an online casino as a bonus that you only get if there is a loss. So are you a lucky player who managed to get a profit? Then this bonus will not apply to you, which you should be happy with in principle. However, some risk coverage is offered. The cashback bonus provides in case of a loss on a playing day in a cash back on the money you lost. For example, suppose you are offered a cashback bonus of 25%. When an amount of $/€ 100 is lost, this bonus becomes active and you will receive a total of $/€ 25 back in your account after the match day.

Standard Bonus or Interim?

Many bonuses that can be received are available on a fixed basis. For example, the welcome bonus is only for new players and deposit bonuses are given to gamblers who play more often at a casino. The cashback bonus can be spent in various forms and that is what makes it so interesting. A large number of online casinos that use a cashback bonus have this standard. This means that you will receive a percentage of cashback on every loss of $/€ 10 or more in your account. Usually this concerns a refund of 10%, with a maximum amount of $/€ 100. Is a cashback bonus issued as an interim promotion? Then it applies for a specific period. The advantage is often that the bonus percentage is higher and sometimes goes up to a maximum of 50%. As you can see, this bonus type can also be arranged in a different way per casino.

Bonus Conditions With Cashback

Not only are there different forms of cashback bonuses available at online casinos, but the conditions can also vary. If a casino gives standard cashback, this is often based on a 10% refund in the event of a loss. The positive thing about this is that the money that is returned is almost always your own. This means that it will not be mandatory to gamble with it again, but that you can also withdraw it as cash to your own account.

On the other hand, as indicated, it is also possible that a cashback bonus is given as an interim promotion. In that case you will often see that you cannot get the money paid out immediately, but that it is an obligation to play it around again first. To reassure you, the unlock conditions are often very mild. For example, it can sometimes even be the case that you only have to play the cashback bonus 1x before you can have it paid out as money.

How Do I Receive a Cashback Bonus?

To receive a cashback bonus you must first be an existing player at the relevant online casino. There are several ways to get cashback. Sometimes you have to be a member of a loyalty program and your status will give you back some of the money you lose. The higher your status, the more percentage you get back.

Cashback Bonus Payout

Cashback bonuses are linked to specific conditions set by the online casino, but because you have already played for them, the wagering requirements are often lower than that of a regular casino deposit bonus. While you normally have to wager a bonus between 30x to 40x before it is payable, you must have wagered a cashback bonus 3x to 5x.

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